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♔ Jessica
16 July 2020 @ 02:34 am
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♔ Jessica
25 October 2011 @ 09:15 pm

So folks, I'm going to give you the run down on what I think about the Xbox Kinect compared to the PS3 Move. You can disagree, feel free to leave a comment with you opinion.

I'm at my friends house this night, and she has bought Just Dance 3 and I'm thinking that I'm going to kick some ass and jam out. And there is always the plus of burning some calories. 
We hook up the Xbox and pop in the game. My friend and I hop up in front of the TV screen and prepare to dance our asses off. Well, there is already a problem. It reads every single movement and non movement you make. So, here you are, trying to pick a song, and it's going wild or picking songs for you and you are standing still. Or the tiny little dog walks by and it's doing whatever because it picked up on her body heat or some shit like that.
We finally get a song going. I'm doing what the screen says and she's standing in place flailing her arms around because this girl has no rhythm what so ever. And it's still giving her perfects and we are on the same settings. Well, that's cool, I don't give a damn about that. I'm still kicking ass and winning while dancing and burning calories. It's all good. 
She decides to take a break and I dance with her little girl. I'm doing as the screen says and she's just pretty much jumping up and down flailing her arms around and hits 4 stars while I hit 5 at the end of the song. This is where I decide to call bull shit on the Kinect. How is it that I person who has taken numerous dance classes and been trained in dance, and who is doing what the character on the screen is doing exactly barely beats a girl jumping up and down? And I mean this literally. That was all she was doing.
After the song ends, I sit down to take a break. I get me an ice cold soda and light up a cigarette. (before you say anything, I know it's bad for me, I know you most likely don't approve, but I hate to tell you, I don't care. This shit keeps me sane.) I'm sitting there, talking to my friend, drinking and smoking, and this fucking thing is apparently reading what I'm doing, even when I'm sitting completely still and I score 3 stars doing nothing. Yes, this is bull shit. Being the gamer I am, this is a disgrace. My friend says that this is the only game that it does it on, but I've played Dance Central and it's the same ordeal. 
I have a PS3 Move, and yes, it has it's flaws like everything else, but it doesn't read non existent moves, and if you don't do the move like the character does, then it judges you from there. You either get and X or and OK, etc. I have Singstar Dance and Everybody Dance, and it's challenging and it's more accurate in my opinion.
What is you opinion on this? Leave it in a comment and I'll get back with you on it. 

And yes, before you say anything, I know that I drank the calories I burned back in soda. That's cool, I have to keep this figure somehow.

♥: aggravated
♔ Jessica
24 June 2010 @ 03:28 pm

Have you ever thought about something that you shouldn't have? Done something you shouldn't have, or wanted to do something that you shouldn't? We all have. Like for example, You have this ex, and you had nothing in common, he drank all the time, and like drugs. Plus, to add to it, he lives about 500 miles away and you only got to see him once a month and he 'lost' his phone quite often on the weekends when he was off of work. But, for some odd and crazy reason, you were crazy about him. A roller coaster of emotions and you put up with it all for that one feeling. But you two eventually ended it because of the distance and all the shit. But now, sometime later, memories are flooding back, and you miss him. You want him back. you think of the good times. Of the times of kissing in the rain, and sleeping in tents, and holding hands on the beach while you were lost trying to find your jeep. You think of the bon fires, the feeling you got while in his arms, while looking in his eyes. Laughing at all the jokes, and talk of a future that included each other. What do you do? You just try to forget it? Call him up? Or even try to get him back? Or do you remind yourself of why it ended. Why you couldn't put up with the drinking and the pot smoking. How, most of the time, he was always drunk or high, and was really immature for his age? Thinking something you shouldn't is what this is.

What about doing something you shouldn't. Drinking a little and skinny dipping at the lake and some guy kissing you that you would have never gave the time of day cause he's a broke ass player? But at least you smarted up on that and didn't let that happen again. Or not following your dreams that you want so bad and going with the safer option. Falling in love with the wrong person at the wrong time, or letting your heart show too much. Hating every second of your work but not finding a new job. This is all things we do, that maybe we shouldn't.

And wanting to do something we shouldn't is just as bad sometimes. Like wanting to run away and start over. Wanting to tell that person that you care about, hey, I really like you. Wanting to quit your job and never look back. Wanting to be a beach bum, just wanting everything.

But, isn't this what makes life interesting for us all? The chances, the memories you make, and the awkward moments that could fill your heart for a while, and make you feel like you enjoy this world and belong. that you aren't some wandering soul who is destined to be alone? Would you trade some of the bad times, when in reality, they made you who you are? They make you enjoy the good times, and love the ones that you with. So, I say go for it. If you have something you want to say or do, and think that maybe you shouldn't, who cares. Just do it. If it was a mistake, learn from it. If it isn't, it could be one of the best times in your life. Well, that is, go for it except for the ex. You don't need that again. That's what best friends who will get your mind off of it are for. And, you will meet someone better someday.

Disclaimer: No, not all of this is about me. I was just trying to cover grounds. <3